80+ Amazon FBA Prep Service Companies Inside the USA List

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We are often asked if we can ship directly to Amazon for FBA.  Although we can indeed ship anywhere our merchandise is not prepped for Amazon FBA, so we have spent many hours creating this awesome eBook for you that features tons of great content in addition to an amazing list of 80+ FBA prep service companies that will prep your wholesale purchases so they can be sold on Amazon and stored at one of Amazons warehouse "Fulfillment Centers".  We are only asking $1.99 to cover the cost of the time it took to compile this list and provide you with all of the direct links.  


Pages 3 - 6:  Amazon FBA for Beginners

Pages 7 - 8: Location is Important - MUST READ before making ANY wholesale purchase for FBA!!!

Pages 9 - 15:  80+ FBA Prep Companies Located in the USA

Pages 16 - 17:  BONUS! 20+ FBA Prep Companies Located Outside of the USA

Page 18:  Link to Amazon FBA Fulfillment Center Warehouse Locations by State - After you select a prep company you want to select a warehouse to have it shipped to and stored at.



For $1.99 you will be provided with this document as a Microsoft Word document, PDF, RTF, ODT, Zip File as well as an ePub file.  ePub files and PDF's can be read on almost any device.  Basically, you'll get this file in every format imaginable so you absolutely can use it, unlike other companies that only provide a single file type that you may have problems opening or reading. 


Simply purchase this download through our website. Add it to Cart then complete the Checkout process.  You will be asked for your Shipping Address, however this download will be sent via email.  You will not be sent anything through standard mail.  

You will then be emailed a link to download. 

OR, after you purchase, login to your account with our site.  If you want to get the download as soon as you buy, simply:

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*****NOTE:  If you have a coupon code, you are welcome to use it on this download purchase however if the coupon code is for a Free Gift you must also purchase actual merchandise to receive the free item (meaning, you can buy this download plus something else and we will ship you the gift inside the parcel for the actual physical item).  Basically, what we are saying is that we are not going to ship you a free item when you do not have any merchandise being shipped because you only purchased this $2.99 download.  If we were to offer free physical gifts for every $2.99 download purchase we would literally lose money every time the coupon code is redeemed.  If we were to change the price of this download to $19.99 then we could allow for free mailed-out gifts, but we would rather keep this awesome download affordable for you. So, if you want to score a free item, please purchase this download plus something else.  Thank you for your understanding!!  

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