20pc Designer TOOTHPASTE Shelf Pulls #18357B ()

LOT #:

  • 20 Pieces Per Order
  • You will receive a random pull of brands.  As you can see, most are Colgate. 
  • These are Shelf Pulls due to PAST EXPIRATION, however, toothpaste is a "non perishable".  This means it is fine to use.  In fact, the government even says it is fine to use past exp.  Here's some information for you about Sell By and Exp Dates regarding health and body care:
- "Sell by" indicates when products should be pulled from the shelf - this date is designed to let the RETAIL STORE know when the item should be liquidated and fresh stock should be replaced. IT IS NOT illegal for stores to stock products past this date. Sometimes stores reduce the price of such goods.
- "Best if used by" or "use by" ensures that the product is at its best quality, after which it may deteriorate in flavor, texture, or appearance, but may still be safe and perfectly fine to use.
- "Expires on" or "EXP" is the date the manufacturer guarantees "freshness".  Toothpaste, Milk, Orange Juice, Meat, etc have no way of knowing that today is the expiration date.  A toothpaste has no way of planning to "go bad" today.  This is why the bread sitting on your kitchen table might be 2 weeks past expiration but it is absolutely fine.  On the other hand, we have all bought pita bread that has went bad in 2 days (I'm looking at you, Kroger!  Grrrrrr.)
***According to Colgate (and most other leading oral care manufacturers) , its toothpastes are good for at LEAST 12 to 18 months past the expiration date which is two+ years after manufactured., If the toothpaste is 3 years old, there may be some loss in fluoride stability, ingredients may separate out or crystallize, and flavors may diminish; meaning it's not as "nice" as it was 3 years ago, but it still is not "dangerous". Toothpaste past its expiration date will not harm you because there NOTHING in toothpaste that is harmful (unless you choose to eat it, obviously. But even brand new toothpaste is harmful if you have it as your dinner). Other companies advise tossing toothpaste after the date, which is in their best interest since that increases sales.  WHEN TO THROW OUT TOOTHPASTE: If it is watery or chunky, then it's time to pitch.  Besides that, it's good to keep!  Our familes are currently using the toothpaste we got in from this batch and it's 100% great (4.2.20).