24pc Deodorant MENS & WOMENS Secret Clinical Gillette #18364B (M-1-5)

LOT #:

  • 21 Pieces 
  • Mens & Womens
  • You receive ALL of the pieces shown in the video above
  • These are Shelf Pulls.  Reasons for shelf pulls include:
  • Last one on shelf / Store Needs to Restock
  • Customer in store opened it
  • Packaging dirty
  • Customer stole a piece out of a set
  • Item has been discontinued or was limited edition
  • Missing Lid
  • Sometimes the color / scent is seasonal
  • It was a piece from a set and the rest of the set is missing
  • Past expiration or Past "Best By" / "Sell By" Date
  • Missing lid, etc

What you should expect:

  • You should expect the items shown in the video above.  
  • You should expect the contditions listed in the list above.
  • Some of the pieces need to be wiped down.  CLOROX WIPES!  Only USE CLOROX WIPES!  Clorox brand does NOT ruin the packaging, does NOT leave soap residue and removes dirt and dust with ease.  Other brands do NOT work as well.  MUST BE COLOROX!!  Amazon has SIX full size containers (75pc each) for $27: