50pc Womens Pink ABOUND Sweatshirts OVERSTOCKS S M #26557d-LC (k-4-7)

LOT #:

  • 50 Pieces Per Order
  • UPC INFO: 439112260178.  We provide one UPC.  If you want the UPC to appear on your invoice, copy and paste it into the COMMENTS BOX (located in the BILLING section) at checkout.  We suggest typing "UPC: 439112260178" otherwise it will not say "UPC" and only the numbers will be shown.  Whatever you type is EXACTLY as it will appear.  We do not have a way to edit what you type, so please make sure it is correct before you confirm your order.
  • Sizes: Womens, Most size MEDIUM, also includes Small.  
  • You will receive a random pull of these two sizes.

Condition to expect:

  • Items may come inside of clear plastic bags because they have not yet been opened. You can learn more about why wholesale is sometimes in plastic bags here.
  • Pieces inside plastic bags will not have clearance stickers, because they are brand new
  • Pieces inside plastic bags will not have any form of damage, because they are brand new
  • The pieces that are opened and not inside plastic bags may have dust or similar on them