25pc Aimee Kestenberg Packable BACKPACKS! OVERSTOCKS #30053d (K-1-7)

LOT #:

  • 25 Pieces Per Order
  • Packable! 
  • There are 3 colors in this batch.  You will receive a random pull of all 3 colors!  We do not know how many of each color you will receive because they all look the same when they are inside of the sealed bags. We grabbed some pieces from each box for you.
  • Todays batch of products is OVERSTOCKS from QVC.  
Condition to Expect with Overstocks: 
  • Brand new, Overstocks
  • Because these are brand new, they will be inside clear plastic bags.  You can learn more about Why Wholesale Items Are Sometimes in Clear Plastic Bags here
  • NO Clearance stickers!
  • NO Damage
  • Every time we create a listing we have to open one or more of the plastic bags to photograph and video the item.  It is possible dust could get on the opened item. 
  • The pieces we open to create a listing will not be inside clear plastic bags