17prs Tennis Shoes GUESS Madden TOMS BZEES #28369x (N-1-7)

LOT #:

  • 17 Pairs 
  • Sizes: Assorted Womens
  • Shoe boxes are NOT included unless shown in photos / videos. You will receive the merchandise exactly as it is shown in this listing.  If you insist on having shoe boxes we have a blog post called How to Store and Ship Shoes without Boxes
  • These are Liquidations from M*CYS, May include BL**MINGDALES

Condition to Expect:

  • As mentioned, boxes are not included unless shown in this listing
  • Shoes that do come with boxes; the box can be imperfect (dented, ripped, etc).  The shoes inside the box are not damaged.
  • Sometimes a clearance sticker is applied to the shoe
  • Sometimes there is no barcode sticker on the shoe because it was on the outside of the box and the box is missing
  • Sometimes people try them on in the store.  This can lead to the bottom of the shoe getting dirty.  A very simple way to clean it is Lysol brand wipes.  MUST BE LYSOL brand.  Other brands do not work or leave a soapy mess.
  • Sometimes a shoe can have a minor imperfection.  We try to weed out pieces that are damaged. 
  • Sometimes real leather shoes need to be polished