17pc Womens CONVERSE All Star Tees OVERSTOCKS #29795x (Z-8-3)

LOT #:

  • 1 Blue Piece - XL
  • 2 Black - Medium
  • 4 Green - XS
  • 3 Cream - XS
  • 7 Gray - XS, L, XL
  • Size: Womens;
  • Todays batch of products is OVERSTOCKS from the brand.  
Condition to Expect with Overstocks: 
  • Brand new!
  • Because these are brand new, they will be inside clear plastic bags.  You can learn more about Why Wholesale Items Are Sometimes in Clear Plastic Bags here
  • NO Clearance stickers!
  • NO Damage
  • Every time we create a listing we have to open one or more of the plastic bags to photograph and video the item.  It is possible dust could get on the opened item. 
  • The pieces we open to create a listing will not be inside clear plastic bags