12prs Easy Spirit Womens Sandals GOLD Size 7 1/2 #26290M (U-5-6)

LOT #:

  • 12 Pairs
  • SIZES:  7.5 ONLY
  • UPC INFO:  194584233432.  We provide one UPC.  If you want the UPC to appear on your invoice, copy and paste it into the COMMENTS BOX (located in the BILLING section) at checkout.  We suggest typing "UPC: 194584233432" otherwise it will not say "UPC" and only the numbers will be shown.  Whatever you type is EXACTLY as it will appear.  We do not have a way to edit what you type, so please make sure it is correct before you confirm your order
  • ****Shipping is free inside the USA but shoe boxes are NOT INCLUDED in this listing. However, we have a blog post about Shoe Box Alternatives.
  • Sizes: Womens, Assorted
  • These are Liquidations from M*CYS.  May include BL**MINGDALES

Condition to Expect:

  • Almost all of the shoes are in perfect condition
  • There might shoes that customer tried on in the store and walked around.  You can easily clean most shoes with a Clorox Brand wipe.  MUST BE CLOROX BRAND (Wipes are cheap on Amazon).  Other brands leave soap residue or damage!!  If you do not have Clorox brand wipes, use a clean damp cloth, but a clean damp cloth often doesn't work as well as a Clorox wipe..  DO NOT EVER USE A COLORED DISH SOAP!!!  Colored soaps can DYE the material!!
  • It's possible there could be dust or dirt on a pair or two or some other kind of issue simply from being in stores and touched by customers
  • Most, or all, have NO clearance stickers!