CYBER MONDAY 30pc Womens FREE PEOPLE & ASR BRAS #31230A (F-3-5)

LOT #:

Out of stock

  • 30 Pieces 
  • Free People Intimately Collection & ASR
  • Sizes: Appears to be heavy on XS/S but also has M/L
  • New Without Tags

Reasons Factories Liquidate:

  • Made too many / extra stock / leftover stock (most common)  These items are brand new.  May be inside of a plastic poly bag.  May or may not have paper store tags
  • Strings need to be trimmed, Extra thread needs to be cut off
  • Some form of error, usually super minor, meaning you have to really look and possibly compare it to other pieces to find it.  Technically any item in existence, if you look long enough you can find something wrong with it.  Factory imperfections can be as simple as the wrong color thread being used or the designer changing the thread color after the shirts have been produced.  Sometimes the factory made 10,000 shirts and 200 of them were a slightly different shade, so those 200 get liquidated.  Wrong size tag, for example the item might be a small but it is labeled large. Sometimes the issue is a tiny spot or stain.  The issue can be an extra stitch.  We try to remove any pieces we see with major damage