31pc MENS English Laundry IZOD #15131N (m-5-1)

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  • 31 Pieces
  • These are Mixed Quality Liquidations from Costco / Sams Club.  With Costco/Sams you will often get Store Return merchandise mixed in with the Liquidations however, because these warehouses are by membership-only, Costco and Sams are much more picky about their Returns and the Returns they mix in with their Liquidations are in excellent condition for the most part.  From what we have seen, the most common return reason is "Didn't Like" or "Didn't Fit" so the item looks brand new.  Sometimes the paper store tags are missing, other times they are still attached.  Occasionally a piece will need stain removal or may smell like perfume.  Therefore we are selling these are "Mixed Quality Liquidations".