13 KITS (3,744pc!) Pink OFFICE SUPPLIES #16518H (E-5-5)

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  • 13 Kits
  • Over 3,700 individual pieces!  Each kit contains 120 push pins, 18 binder clips and 150 paper clips!!!
  • These are Liquidations from SEARS / Kmart or Target
  • What Liquidations means:
  • Sometimes the piece has a clearance sticker
  • Sometimes a Shelf Pull sticker is applied
  • Sometimes the piece is missing the paper store tag
  • Sometimes the piece was part of a set and some, or the rest, of the set is missing.  The remaining piece(s) are still sellable
  • Sometimes the piece was supposed to include a bonus item, such as a belt, and the belt is missing
  • Sometimes the piece is in need of repair.  Repairs can be very simple or more difficult.
  • Sometimes a piece cannot be repaired and the usable parts can be salvaged for other uses / upcycling