75pc American Eagle Womens Tees & Super Soft Tees #24105d (J-3-6 )

LOT #:

  • 75 Pieces
  • Sizes: Assorted. 
  • These were sold to us as womens.  It is possible a small quantity could be unisex or mens however they appear to be womens. 
  • These are Liquidations from American Eagle.

What this means:

  • Paper store tags ARE NOT attached to most pieces.   
  • Pieces may have a black Sharpie Marker line drawn through the inside of the garment that says American Eagle.  
  • Some pieces may have some form of damage. We did not notice any damage other than a very small quantity of pieces that need stain removal (dust, deodorant, makeup, etc) but damage in this pallet of American Eagle is very, very low.