66pc Name Brand NAIL POLISH - IMPERFECT #29799x (X-6-1)

LOT #:

  • 66 Pieces Per Order
  • You will receive a random pull of brands, colors and styles
  • There's nothing "wrong" with them, but the polish needs to be shaken well before use. 
  • These arent good to sell, but theyre great to keep, or to use for art projects or touching up shoe / accessory imperfections. 
  • These are Shelf Pulls and Liquidations from TARGET stores. 
  • Some of the polishes have polish on the outside.  This is because when Target shipped them to us, some broke. The polish on the outside doesnt effect the ability to use the polish on the inside.  If you recieve some of these pieces, if you really wanted you could use nail polish remover to get the polish off the outside. 
  • PLEASE INSURE YOUR ORDER.  In order for us to sell these so cheap, we can't spend time and money on packing them.  THEY WILL NOT BE INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED. We will put them in the box with some packing material at the top.  It is possible some could break if the carrier is rough.  Insurance 100% protects your order.