58pc M*CYS Womens PJ Disney DKNY Munki STORE RETURNS #27321E (L-3-6)

Was: $347.42
Now: $249.00
LOT #:

  • 58 Pieces
  • Sizes: Womens, Assorted 

Condition to Expect with M*CYS / BL**MINGDALES STORE RETURNS: 

  • Store Returns means someone owned the item at some point and returned it to the store.
  • The reason for Return can vary.  Sometimes it simply didn't fit.  Sometimes it was a gift and they don't like it.  Sometimes they have "buyers remorse" for spending too much money.  Sometimes they damage it and decide they want their money back.  Because these are being sold as Store Returns we do not remove damaged pieces. 
  • Often pieces are missing paper store tags
  • Sometimes the piece was supposed to come with a another item, such as a belt, and the belt is missing
  • Sometimes the piece has a stain.  The stain can be easy to remove, or difficult to remove or impossible to remove. 
  • Sometimes the piece looks worn or may actually be worn. It is common for Store Returns to be not only worn but also laundered.
  • Sometimes there is a rip, snag, hole or damage of some kind.  Damage may be easily fixable or may be impossible to fix. Because these are being sold as Store Returns you should expect there will be pieces you cannot repair, so you will need to salvage these pieces or upcycle them.
  • Store Returns can be missing buttons, clasps, clips, straps, belts, etc
  • Store Returns can have damaged zippers
  • Sometimes the piece was part of a set and the set is missing pieces. 
  • If you are looking for brand new merchandise with no damage, you should purchase Overstocks instead of Mixed Quality Liquidations.