47pc American Eagle + M*CYS Mens & Womens TEES / TANKS #22980H (M-3-4)

LOT #:

  • 47 Pieces 
  • Sizes: Assorted Mens, Womens and Unisex
  • These are OVERSTOCKS & LIQUIDATIONS from American Eagle.  A couple pieces are M*CYS
  • What this means:
  • NO CLEARANCE STICKERS on Overstock pieces
  • Liquidations may have clearance stickers
  • NO IMPERFECTIONS* on Overstocks
  • NO DAMAGE* on Overstocks
  • Many times the Overstocks are inside clear plastic bags.  This is because they are brand new and nobody has opened them yet.  If you are an online seller you can keep them inside the plastic bag to keep them safe from dust. Alternatively, you can open the plastic bags up by the flap and reuse them or recycle them if you do not want to keep the merchandise in them.
  • * "No damage or imperfections" refers to Overstock pieces, specifically the ones inside of the plastic bags.  The pieces we take out of the plastic bags may gather dust or dirt.  Our warehouse is very clean but often the boxes the items are shipped to us in are dusty / dirty.  This can lead to dust / dirt transferring to the merchandise.  
  • With traditional Liquidations you should always expect the piece was in a store, could have been touched by customers, may have been tried on and the condition should reflect such.