44+pc JC PENNEY & N*RDSTR*M Kids Toys & Accessories #29118R (W-4-6)

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  • 44+ Pieces
  • Many are sets, so you will be receiving over 44 individual pieces
  • These are Liquidations from JC PENNEY. May include Mixed Quality Liquidations from JC PENNEY & N*RDSTR*M

JC PENNEY Liquidations Condition to Expect:

  • May have Black line on paper store tag(s)
  • Sometimes sets are missing pieces.  The remaining pieces in the set are still usable and sellable 
  • Paper tags are attached, although it is always possible a tag could fall off. 
  • May have clearance stickers

Mixed Quality Liquidations Condition to Expect:

  • The same as Liquidations, however some pieces could have imperfections of some form. 
  • Please expect a small quantity of pieces may have some form of imperfection.  We try to remove pieces with major imperfections (such as broken zippers) but it is not possible for us to catch 100%.  
  • If you do not want any pieces to be imperfect, please purchase Overstocks instead of Liquidation & Mixed Quality Liquidations.