40 SETS = 150pc Masks Eugenia Kim SANCTUARY Penguin #26859c (Q-1-6)

Was: $200.00
Now: $50.00
LOT #:

  • 40 Sets = Approximately 150 Individual Pieces
  • We did not count every piece.  The average pack contains 4-5 masks. Some are sets of 2. A couple are 1. We are guessing there is around 150. 
  • These are Liquidations and Shelf Pulls N*RDSTR*M  
Condition to Expect with Mixed Quality Liquidations
  • Sometimes pieces can be missing paper store tags
  • Some packages are open, hence the reason they were pulled from shelves.  See video above before purchasing
  • Some pieces may be missing packaging.  You are receiving exactly what is shown in the video above, in the exact condition it is shown