33pc $110 Calvin Klein Womens Rings #24807B (P-2-3)

MSRP: $3,630.00
(You save $3,285.00 )
LOT #:

  • 33 Pieces Per Order
  • Each Piece comes boxed with all paperwork / Certificate of Authenticity included
  • Each piece comes with a protective bag for storage
  • Retail Per Piece: $110 = $3,630 per order
  • UPC INFO:  7612635021201, 7612635021195.   If you want the UPC to appear on your invoice, copy and paste it into the COMMENTS BOX (located in the BILLING section) at checkout.  We suggest typing "UPC:  7612635021201, 7612635021195" otherwise it will not say "UPC" and only the numbers will be shown.  Whatever you type is EXACTLY as it will appear.  We do not have a way to edit what you type, so please make sure it is correct before you confirm your order. 
  • Sizes: 7 and 8.  You will receive a random pull of sizes.  UPC 7612635021195 is size 7.
  • **We encourage you to open and check each box prior to listing it. We opened 500 total boxes and found 1 piece that was the wrong ring inside. 1 out of 500 is a very low error rate however we want to make sure your buyers are happy.  If we were to open every box we would have to increase the price of this listing and we prefer to keep the price as low as possible to maximize your profit.
  • These are OVERSTOCKS from Calvin Klein

Condition to Expect:

  • Brand New
  • NO Imperfections
  • Box, Paperwork and Tarnish-Free Bag included!