32pc Padded Sports Bras - 2 Colors! A B C Cups #22281Y (V-7-3)

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  • 32 Pieces Per Order
  • Sizes in this batchS/M firs approximately 32B 34A 34B 34C.  M/L fits approximately 34C 36A 36B 36C
  • You will receive a random pull of colors. 
  • ***Some of the white pieces have minor imperfections from "dye transfer".  This happens when a dyed piece is set on top of a white piece and the dye from the colored piece transfers to the white piece.  The dye transfer is not very noticeable and likely could be removed with bleach or just by washing.  See attached photos to view examples of "dye transfer".  Each WHITE white bra will have slightly different dye transfer.  Some may have no dye transfer.  The black bras do not have any dye transfer as far as we know.  
  • These are Overstocks and Factory Direct Fashion Brands
  • What this means:
  • NO Clearance stickers
  • No damage