200pc Grab Bag Mens Accessories ROBERT GRAHAM Preswick CALIBRATE #30901J ( )

LOT #:

Out of stock

  • 200 Pieces Per Order
  • You will receive a random pull of pieces
  • In this pallet:  Mens ties, pocket squares, suspenders.  May include other, similar items
  • These are OVERSTOCKS from BL**MINGDALES Mens Store, M*CYS, N*RDSTR*M, Saks and possibly JC Penney or Kohls

Condition to Expect:

  • No clearance stickers
  • Most are still packed inside clear poly bags 
  • IMPORTANT NOTE:  Because these are brand new, overstocks, some pieces will have TWO items inside one sealed poly bag.  THIS COUNTS ARE TWO ITEMS, meaning you are being charged for two pieces even though it is inside 1 bag.  This is because the store selling the items is supposed to open the bag and sell them as individual items.  Both items have identical paper store tags.