19prs Womens TORY BURCH Sarto JEFFREY CAMPBELL #28669c (X-5-6)

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  • 19 Pairs 
  • You are getting these at an extra discount because three pairs need minor repair / updating. The Tory Burch needs an ankle strap replaced. Replacement straps are not expensive (around $7 for a set on Amazon). Alternatively you could use ribbon or jute. Another pair needs a replacement "charm". Pretty much anything will work (see video above), you could even use ribbon to make a bow instead of a charm. Please watch video above before purchasing.
  • Sizes: Womens, Assorted
  • These are Mixed Quality Liquidations from N*RDSTR*M. 
Condition to Expect with Mixed Quality Liquidations:
  • If boxes are shown, they are included.  If boxes are not shown, they are not included.
  • Often shoes have a price sticker attached to them. They may also have a clearance sticker.
  • Mixed Quality Liquidation shoes have sometimes been tried on or worn by customers.  When the customer walks around the bottoms can get dirty.  You can easily clean most shoe bottoms with a Clorox or Lysol brand wipe.  Dont use other brands, they can leave a soapy mess.
  • Sometimes shoes have imperfects, such as scuffs / scrapes, dirt, stain.  
  • We try to remove anything with major issues, such as a heel is broken off or the material is cut, strap is broken, zipper is visually broken, etc. It is possible we may miss an issue. 
  • On occasion the shoes have clearly been worn and because of this they will show signs of wear.
  • Zippers can become stiff. The solution is NOT to yank the zipper.  The solution is to apply a little Zipper Lube.