19pc BIG BRAND Eye Liner & Mascara #16089i (m-4-3)

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  • 19 Pieces Per Order
  • These are Mostly Shelf Pulls from Saks / Nordstrom / Macys and/or Bloomingdales. 
  • What Shelf Pulls means:
  • Often the piece was part of a set and the rest, of the set is missing.  The remaining piece is still sellable. This happens for a variety of reasons.  The most common reason is that a customer in the store stole piece(s) from the gift set so the gift set has to be pulled from shelves (AKA "Shelf Pull).  Other times a customer opens and uses pieces from the set which means the used pieces have to be thrown away, so the set is pulled from shelves.  Also, often the set becomes damaged in some way; for example, the set could have contained a sunscreen that expired, so the sunscreen is thrown away and the gift set is pulled from shelves.  Regardless of the reason for the shelf pull, all of the pieces being sold by us are perfect.  With that being said...
  • Pieces are sold EXACTLY as shown.  If you see a box in the photo / video, it will come in a box.  If you do not see a box, you are not getting a box.  If you see the piece sealed in plastic, it will come sealed in plastic.  If it is not shown as sealed in plastic, you should expect it to arrive to you not sealed in plastic.
  • NO EXPIRATION DATES. There are NOT requirements in the USA to print Expiration Dates on Cosmetics.  There are NO expiration dates printed on the packages! 
  • Often pieces will say "Not For Individual Sale". This does NOT mean you can't sell it.  It means it was once part of a gift set.  You are absolutely allowed to sell "Not For Individual Sale" items.  The reason this is printed on pieces is to let the STORE (Saks, Nordstrom, etc) know that the item was part of something.  For example, if a customer goes to Saks and tries to return a MAC lipstick that says "Not For Individual Sale", Saks knows the customer is attempting to lie by keeping the rest of the gift set and asking for a refund for the lipstick. 
  • Some pieces will be travel size or trial size or sizes other than full size.  The items you are getting are exactly as shown.