18pc Mens Sport Coats / Suit Jackets STAFFORD JF #28873A (M-3-2)

LOT #:

  • 18 Pieces
  • Sizes: Mens, Assorted.  Regular and Big & Tall Sizes.
  • These are Liquidations from JC PENNEY.  May include a small quantity of Mixed Quality Liquidations. 
  • We noticed a light odor on this batch.  The odor is hard to explain.  Perhaps perfume/cologne.  The odor seemed strong at first but began to dissipate after being in our video room for 2 hours.  Keep in mind, these have been inside boxes for who-knows-how-long.  The solution appears to be to let them "air out". 
  • These pieces may have black marker on the paper store tags. They do not have any delabeling / marker on the actual item. Manufacturer tags are NOT cut.

Liquidations Condition to Expect:

  • Black line on paper store tag(s)
  • Paper tags are attached, although it is always possible a tag could fall off. 
  • We did not see any clearance stickers, but it is possible some pieces could have them.  We do not examine every piece
  • We did not see any damage whatsoever, but it is possible some pieces could have imperfections from being tried on in JC Penney.  This type of damage is usually dust / dirt / makeup. 

Mixed Quality Liquidations

  •  The same as Liquidations, however some pieces could have imperfections of some form.