17pc Womens Blazers & Jackets PICONE Worthington #28882B (Z-9-5)

LOT #:

  • 17 Pieces
  • One yellow jacket needs noted stain removal on sleeve
  • Sizes: Womens / Juniors Assorted
  • These are Liquidations from JC PENNEY.  May include a small quantity of Mixed Quality Liquidations. 
  • We noticed a light odor on some items in this batch.  The odor is hard to explain.  Perhaps perfume/cologne.  The odor seemed strong at first but began to dissipate after being in our video room for 2 hours.  Keep in mind, these have been inside boxes for who-knows-how-long.  The solution appears to be to let them "air out". Most of the pieces have no odor whatsoever, but a couple do.
  • These pieces may have black marker on the paper store tags. They do not have any delabeling / marker on the actual item. Manufacturer tags are NOT cut.

Liquidations Condition to Expect:

  • Black line on paper store tag(s)
  • Paper tags are attached, although it is always possible a tag could fall off. 
  • We did not see any clearance stickers, but it is possible some pieces could have them.  We do not examine every piece
  • We did not see any damage whatsoever, but it is possible some pieces could have imperfections from being tried on in JC Penney.  This type of damage is usually dust / dirt / makeup. 

Mixed Quality Liquidations


  •  The same as Liquidations, however some pieces could have imperfections of some form. 
  • Please expect a small quantity of pieces may have some form of imperfection.  We try to remove pieces with major imperfections (such as broken zippers) but it is not possible for us to catch 100%.  
  • If you do not want any pieces to be imperfect, please purchase Overstocks instead of Liquidation & Mixed Quality Liquidations.