16prs KIDS H2K Sneakers Tennis Shoes +BOXES #22945G (v-1-6)

LOT #:

  • 16 Pairs
  • Sizes:  Assorted KIDS Sizes
  • Boutique Brand:  H2K
  • Sizes: KIDS
  • These are Liquidations and Overstocks
  • What Liquidations means:
  • Most are brand new and perfect
  • Pieces have not been handled by customers in a store however they are shipped to us, handled by us while we create the video, packed by us and shipped to you.  So, it is possible that during this process an imperfection can occur
  • Imperfections are typically very, very minor.  The most common imperfection is some form of manufacturing defect, as with any product in the world. 
  • We try to remove any pieces we see with actual damage or notify you of any damage we notice in the video above.