14pc Family LEVIS Jeans & Tees #29719R (X-6-4)

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  • 14 Pieces
  • Size: Mens and kids. May include womens
  • Several pieces have noted stains
  • These are Mixed Quality Liquidations from JC PENNEY
  • These pieces may have black marker on the paper store tags. They do not have any delabeling / marker on the actual item. Manufacturer tags are NOT cut.

Mixed Quality Liquidations Condition to Expect:

  • Black line on paper store tag(s)
  • Paper tags are attached, although it is always possible a tag could fall off. 
  • With Mixed Quality Liquidations you should expect there will be some imperfections of some kind.  Imperfections can be simple dirt / dust / stain or they can need repair.  In some cases the item cannot be repaired so it has to be repurposed.