12pc PLUS SIZE Removable Pad Convertible BRAS ~ 2 Styles #26181F (Q-4-4)

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  • 12 Pieces Per Order
  • The convertible bras have slots where straps can be added.  STRAPS ARE NOT INCLUDED because they are not manufactured to include straps.
  • Sizes:  PLUS SIZE: 1X / 2X, 2X / 3X
  • Brand:  ZENAZA
  • These are Overstock Liquidations 
  • Condition to expect:
  • Brand New.  
  • Many times they are inside clear plastic bags.  This is because they are brand new and nobody has opened them yet.  If you are an online seller you can keep them inside the plastic bag to keep them safe from dust. Alternatively, you can open the plastic bags up by the flap and reuse them or recycle them if you do not want to keep the merchandise in them. 
  • Sometimes boutique brands do not have paper store tags because they were not made to have paper store tags.  If paper store tags are shown in photo / video in this listing you should expect it will have paper store tags.  If paper store tags are not shown you should expect it was not made with paper store tags