10pc American Eagle Aerie Bras SIZES A & B Cup #26319N (m-1-4)

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  • 10 Pieces 
  • Sizes: A & B Cups Only
  • These are Liquidations from American Eagle.

What this means:

  • Paper store tags ARE attached on almost all pieces.  Of course it is always possible a paper store tag could become damaged or fall off when it is shipped to us or when we photo / video and package it.  We would estimate that 98% of the pallet we got in has paper tags. 
  • Pieces may have a clearance sticker on the paper store tag.  
  • Some pieces may have some form of damage. We did not notice any damage other than a very small quantity of pieces that need stain removal (dust, deodorant, makeup, etc) but damage in this pallet of American Eagle is very, very low.