200pc Grab Bag Mens JC PENNEY Clothing JEANS Active SUITS #29013H ()

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  • 200 Pieces Per Order
  • You will receive a random pull of merchandise, brands, sizes, styles. 
  • The pallets we are pulling your order from include:

- Suit Jackets - J Ferrar, Strahan, Hagger, Shaquille O'neal, Dockers, Stafford
- Jeans - Levis, Arizona, Mutual Weave
- Slacks, Chinos, Suit Pants -  J Ferrar, Strahan, Hagger, Shaquille O'neal, Dockers, Stafford
- Shirts - All different styles; tees, thermals, button-ups, sweaters - same brands mentioned above as well as Hanes, Worthington and more
- Active - Puma, Adidas, Nike, Champion, Hanes, Xersion and more
- Sets - Socks, Underwear, Tees - Mostly Hanes and Stafford 
- Pajamas - Stafford, Hanes and more

  • It seems like these pallets are mostly what is listed above.  It is possible you could receive other brands from JC PENNEY.
  • Sizes: Mens, Assorted.  Regular and Big & Tall
  • These are Liquidations and Mixed Quality Liquidations from JC PENNEY.  
  • These pieces may have black marker on the paper store tags. They do not have any delabeling / marker on the actual item. Manufacturer tags are NOT cut.

Liquidations Condition to Expect:

  • Black line on paper store tag(s)
  • Paper tags are attached, although it is always possible a tag could fall off. 
  • May have clearance stickers on paper tags

Mixed Quality Liquidations

  • The same as Liquidations, however some pieces could have imperfections of some form. 
  • Please expect there will be Mixed Quality Liquidations in this batch
  • Imperfections can range from stains to rips to any other issue
  • Sometimes the item looks worn or was worn
  • Sometimes it was even laundered
  • Sometimes it was improperly laundered