80pc TOMMY BAHAMA Mixed Swimwear XXS / XS #24080B (Y-4-2)

MSRP: $6,400.00
(You save $5,550.00 )
LOT #:

  • 14 Tops *Approximately  
  • 66 Bottoms *Approximately 
  • There are 80 total items in this Lot.  Some pieces are difficult to tell if they are tops or bottoms when they are sealed in the clear bag, so the exact number of tops versus bottoms may be little different, for example, there might be 22 tops and 58 bottoms or 18 tops and 62 Bottoms, etc
  • Estimated Retail:  $6,400
  • Sizes: WOMENS, XXS and XS 
  • These are Overstocks from Tommy and their warehouse.

Condition to expect in this Lot:

  • Items are new
  • 99% of these items have not been touched by anyone other than BigBrandWholesale for photo / video purposes
  • Most may be in clear plastic bags.  This is because they are direct from the factory / warehouse. We prefer to keep them inside the bags to protect them.
  • The outside of the bag usually contains the items UPC and other details such as size. 
  • The pieces we open to photograph and video may get dust on them or have some other form of imperfection.  We have not noticed a single imperfection in this batch however it is always possible any item that is not factory sealed could have dust or other imperfections.