50pc Grab Bag Mens HANES Tees Short & Long Sleeve #23139T (u-2/3/4-6)

LOT #:

  •  Pieces Per Order
  • You will receive a random pull of colors and sizes.
  • Most are short sleeve but there are also some long sleeve in this batch. 
  • Sizes:  Random Pull of Mens. 
  • These are OVERSTOCK LIQUIDATIONS from Hanes Warehouse

What this means:

  • NO Imperfections
  • NO Damage!
  • It is always possible that the pieces we touch to create photos and videos could get dust on them.  
  • The majority of pieces will arrive factory sealed in clear plastic bags.  You can keep them in the bag to protect them or take them out.  If you open the bag from the flap you can recycle or reuse it.