78pc Fidelity & FREE PEOPLE x Sandrine Rose Jeans #30439A (YY-4/3-3)

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  • 78 Pieces 
  • Free People Sandrine Rose Collection! 


Size 24 = 7 pieces = Sandrine Rose Only

25 = 10pc = Sandrine Online

26 = 7pc = Sandrine + Fidelity

27 = 12pc = Sandrine + Fildelity

28 = 6pc = Sandrine

29 = 1pc = Sandrine

30 = 1pc = Sandrine 

31 = 1pc = Sandrine

Needs measuring: 33 pieces Fidelity Brand 

  • These are OVERSTOCKS from FREE PEOPLE and Liquidations and Samples from Anthropologie and Fidelity.

Condition to Expect with Overstocks:

  • NO Imperfections
  • NO Damage!
  • Pieces will be inside the clear plastic bag (factory packaging).  
  • The pieces we open to create listing photos and videos will not be inside plastic bags.  It is possible these open pieces could get dust on them. 

Condition to Expect with Liquidations:

  • NO CLEARANCE STICKERS!  Although some do have a colored dot, like a yard-sale dot, to represent that it was on clearance in Anthropologie stores. It is easily removable.
  • If pieces were tried on in stores, they may get dust / dirt on them from the fitting room
  • Paper Tags are attached, although it is always possible a tag may fall off.  Overall they have paper tags

Condition to Expect with Samples:

  • This batch is less expensive than the last batch because you will have more pieces that need waist measuring.  It is super simple and literally takes 5 seconds (we timed it). If you're an online seller, you're probably already doing this to begin with, so it is not any extra steps. More info below.
  • Retail per piece is approximately $108-$225.  You can view to see prices.
  • Samples are what Anthropologie uses to order merchandise
  • Samples have not been in stores, therefore they have not been touched by customers of tried on
  • Some have tags, some do not.  On the back of the tag is information about the sample, such as what season that style was scheduled to be released and the delivery date of the shipment.  The information can be printed or handwritten.  Here's an example of the back side of "Sample Tags" (the other side says Fidelity, as shown in the 3rd image). 




The interior tag may also be handwritten.  The information on this tag matches the info on the paper tag. When the jeans go into full-production, what is handwritten will be printed by a machine, just like what you see in the store. 


If you need to measure a waist size, here’s a quick and easy method!  Plus an awesome Cheat Sheet to make measuring take literally 5 seconds!