63pc Womens FLORA Ralph CHARTER Insomniax HUE PJ Tops #30791B (Y-3-1)

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  • 63 Pieces
  • Most, or all, of these pieces were once part of set.  The other piece of the set is missing, however the remaining piece is still usable and sellable without the other piece of the set. 
  • Sizes: Assorted Womens 
  • These are Liquidations and Shelf Pulls from M*CYS

Condition to Expect with Liquidations:

  • Sometimes the piece has a clearance sticker
  • Sometimes a removable Liquidation sticker is applied
  • Sometimes the piece is missing the paper store tag
  • Sometimes the piece was part of a set and some, or the rest, of the set is missing.  The remaining piece(s) are still sellable.
  • Sometimes the piece was supposed to include a bonus item, such as a belt, and the belt is missing
  • Occasionally a piece has a stain which is usually dust / dirt from being tried on in the fitting room but on rare occasion the stain could be makeup or food. These stains are usually easily removable without the need for a washing machine. 
  • Sometimes the piece looks worn or may actually be worn.  We try to remove pieces with major signs of wear but it is not possible for us to catch 100%.
  • Sometimes the liquidation is applied with a staple to the garment.  Simply taking your time and slowly sliding the staple out then stretching the material gently with your fingers is the solution.  Obviously if you carelessly rip the staple out you are going to damage the garment. 
  • On very rare occasion there is a rip along a seam or under an armpit that we didn't see.  Again, these are usually very simple repairs with basic sewing knowledge. We try to remove all major damage that we see. 
  • It is not possible for us to catch every imperfection.  We sort over 10,000 items a week so we do not have time to analyze each piece.  You should expect there could be imperfections we did not see.

Condition to Expect with Shelf Pulls:

  • The reason it was pulled from shelves if because it was part of a set and the second piece to the set is missing
  • Sometimes Shelf Pulls do not have paper store tags