6 PAIRS Black WATERPROOF Womens BOOTS #17419w

LOT #:

  • 6 Pairs of Shoes
  • Sizes: Assorted
  • These particular shoes do not have shoe boxes because they are not manufactured with boxes; meaning, they are not supposed to come with boxes.
  • These are Shelf Pulls Shoes from Target
  • What Shelf Pull Shoes means:
  • Sometimes the piece has a clearance sticker
  • Sometimes a removable Liquidation or Shelf Pull sticker is applied
  • Sometimes the piece is missing the paper store tag
  • Occasionally Shelf Pull shoes are removed from shelves due to damage from being tried on or from sitting (dust, dirt, etc). We try to remove any major damage we see but it is not possible for us to catch 100%. Usually a damp wash cloth, colorox brand wipe or a spot of shoe polish can fix the imperfections.
  • Sometimes the piece looks worn or may actually be worn.  We try to remove pieces with major signs of wear but it is not possible for us to catch 100%.
  • It is not possible for us to catch every imperfection.  We sort over 10,000 items a week so we do not have time to analyze each piece.  You should expect there could be imperfections we did not see.