Grab Bag Medium Size** 30pc Mens CASTIGO Urban Apparel GRAPHIC TEES #23295d (E-1-5)

LOT #:

  • 30 Pieces Per Order
  • MENS
  • Sizes:  Assorted 
  • These are OVERSTOCK LIQUIDATIONS from SEARS Warehouse
  • What this means:
  • NO Imperfections
  • NO Damage!
  • It is always possible that the pieces we touch to create photos and videos could get dust on them.  
  • Most pieces will come inside of a clear plastic poly bag.  This is because they have never been opened.  When you open the bag you will have a brand new, untouched item. 
  • *SEARS warehouses are often dirty from Hi-Low exhaust because they likely do not have proper ventilation. The exhaust leaves a light coat of dust on all of the boxes in their warehouses.  When Sears doesn't seal the cartons / boxes shut the dust gets on the poly bags inside of the box.  You should expect their may be dust on the exterior of the clear plastic poly bag.  This does not effect the product inside the bag.  This issue is not limited to Sears.  It is common with Hanes and many of the other companies we buy through.  Unfortunately we do not have any way to make these companies clean their warehouses.  With that being said, please expect to have to wash your hands after handling the clear plastic bags.