34+pc (37 Total) N*RDSTR*M Robes + PJs! CASLON Chelsea28 NAVY #22628T (I-4-2)

LOT #:

  • 31 Individual Pieces 
  • 3 Sets = 6 Individual Pieces
  • Sizes: Womens, Most or All size Small 4/6.  Does contain some other sizes.
  • These are Samples from N*RDSTR*M 

What this means:

A N*RDSTR*M “sample” is different from what you think when you hear the word “sample”.  What this actually is, is pieces the N*RDSTR*M used for ordering purposes, web listing (photography, descriptions, etc) and inspection. 

  • Basically, the manufacturer ships N*RDSTR*M these pieces so they can see them, inspect them, order them and list them on N*rdstr* 
  • What’s really cool about sample pieces is that they have never been in a N*RDSTR*M store, so they do not have clearance stickers and, for the most part, they are completely damage free. 
  • Usually a Sample will have a large paper tag added to it that contains all of the information about the piece.  This tag usually includes the UPC, type of material, brand name, year it was released, collection name, factory origin and more.  This is exceptionally helpful if you create online listings. 
  • Because they have not been in a store, there are no ink tags / sensors applied. 
  • Sometimes Samples may have a black line through the interior manufacturers tag
  • Sometimes Samples may have interior markings on the garment
  • Sometimes samples do not have paper store tags
  • Sometimes a sample may have blank manufacturer tags because it has not yet went into production (pre-production stage)
  • You can see more by watching the video above.
  • Usually we do not have the opportunity to buy Samples however due to a N*RDSTR*M store closing we were able to obtain these