33pc MENS Thicker White Tees KIRKLAND Hanes #17195i (m-5-7)

LOT #:

  • 33 Pieces Per Order
  • The Kirkland pieces are thicker than traditional undershirts. 
  • Most, or all, Kirkland brand. May include a very small quantity of Hanes. May include a piece or two in a different designer brand.
  • MENS Sizes - Lots of LARGE.  Will likely include Medium or XL.  May include a couple pieces in other sizes too.
  • These are Shelf Pulls from Costco and SEARS
  • What Shelf Pulls Means:
  • These were pulled from shelves because most were once part of multi-piece sets and the rest of the set is gone.  This happens when people steal items from the set or when people open a set to try one piece on then leave the piece in the fitting room or somewhere else in the store. 
  • These specific pieces are in pretty much perfect condition (no stains or damage noted. Although it is possible we may have missed something)
  • These pieces do not have paper store tags because they were once parts of sets.