32+pc MENS LEVIS COATS Under Armour ADIDAS Ted Baker & More #27001L (n-5-3)

LOT #:

  • 32+ Pieces 
  • Some are sets, so you will be receiving over 32 individual items
  • Sizes:  Mens, Assorted.
  • ******Some brands in this Lot may require "De-labeling".  View the list of brands that MUST be de-labeled. If any of the items on the De-Labeling List are in this Lot you MUST de-label them.  If you are caught soliciting merchandise that has not been de-labeled you will face legal repercussions by brand holder. This is really serious stuff!  De-Labeling these specific products is very simple and means you will be able to continue buying and selling these big brands.  Read our De-Labeling Guide here.****  
  • YOU MUST CHECK THE BOX TO AGREE TO DE-LABEL OR YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO BUY THIS LISTING.  You ONLY have to De-Label the brands on this listIf none of the brands on this list are in your Lot then you have nothing to De-Label.
  • These are Mixed Quality Liquidations from N*RDSTROM
Condition to Expect
  • Sometimes pieces can be missing paper store tags
  • Sometimes the piece was supposed to come with a bonus item, such as a belt, and the belt is missing
  • Sometimes the piece has a stain which is usually dust / dirt from being touched by customers.   Because these are Mixed Quality you should expect some imperfections. 
  • Sometimes the piece looks worn or may actually be worn. Because these are Mixed Quality you should expect some imperfections. 
  • We try to remove sensors / ink tags whenever we have time.  Sometimes there are so many sensors that there isn't enough time for us to take them all off.  However, you can purchase the $13.99 magnet from Amazon.  If you plan to consistently purchase N*RDSTR*M merchandise it's a great investment to have on hand because items like Coats, Purses, Sunglasses, real leather goods, genuine silk, (everything high end and premium) all have sensors attached.  As mentioned, we do try to find and remove them but we cannot guarantee we will locate 100%.  Some items have 2 or more sensors on them so even though we think we removed all sensors, theres actually another sensor hiding somewhere else.
  • If this lot contains dresses / gowns, you should expect a higher level of damage.  It is very difficult for us to examine dresses because they can be very big with lots of layers of material 
  • Sometimes there is a rip or other issue that we didn't see.   Because these are Mixed Quality you should expect some imperfections.  
  • Mixed Quality pieces may have buttons missing or damaged zippers.  We try to remove pieces with damaged zippers, or inform you in the product video above, but we do not have the time or manpower to inspect each item.  Please expect that a piece could have an imperfection of this nature. 
  • On rare occasion a N*RDSTR*M customer "tag swapped".  This is when a customer brings two items into the fitting room then switches tags on them.  This results in an expensive item having a cheaper tag, or a cheap item having a tag that belongs to an expensive item.  We try our best to correctly advertise each item in each lot but we cannot catch every tag swap.  Although this is not common, please expect that it is possible a piece may have a tag on it that belongs to a different item.   
  • Sometimes a piece could have a snag, rip or other form of damage.  Because these are mixed quality you should expect some pieces may need some form of mending. 
  • You are getting these items at an extra deep discount because there are likely imperfections, and there are likely imperfections that we did not see and are not shown in the product video above.
  • Pieces that have been tried on in a fitting room, such as dresses or jeans, can have dust / dirt on the bottom. 
  • If you are looking for brand new merchandise with no damage, you should purchase Overstocks instead of Mixed Quality Liquidations.