2pc IMPERFECT Jewelry Boxes #18429E (N-3-2)

LOT #:

  • 1 Jewelry Box
  • **The TYPE of wood listed in the title is just a guess.  We do not know what actual "type" of wood it is (i.e; Mahogany, Cherry Wood, Walnut, etc).  We are just using this descriptive word to explain the COLOR AND LOOK of the box!!!
  • These are Shelf Pull Floor Models from Sears.
  • This means these were on the sales floor for customers to see and touch before they buy one. 
  • The reason these were pulled from shelf is because there is some form of imperfection or because it was the last one left.
  • If it was pullsed from shelves due to imperfections it is usually fixable! And, often it is a very easy fix.  This includes: a Scuff, a scrape, chipped paint, missing a knob, etc.  You can watch the video above and see the actual jewelry box you will be buying.
  • These are Sold As-Is.  Please watch the video above before purchasing.
  • It is always possible there could be imperfections that we do not see and that you do not notice in the video.  We do our best to accurately and thoroughly describe imperfections when we see them but it is not possible for us to catch 100%.   
  • If you are looking for a fun item to paint, embellish or just use to store your mess of jewelry (yes, we all have that!), this is a great item and you sure can't beat the price for such a nice item