29pc Big Store HIGH END BRAND Womens Clothing #23168w (U-2-2)

MSRP: $9,000.00
(You save $8,050.00 )
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  • 29 Pieces
  • Estimated Retail:  $9,000+
  • NOTE:  Most of the items we are listing today are liquidations from the N*RDSTR*M Store Closing sale. This means most do not have the original paper store tags and instead have a Final Sale / No Returns paper tag applied with a super, super low price on it.  If you cannot live without traditional paper tags you should carefully consider purchasing this Lot.  
  • Sizes: Assorted Womens
  • These are Liquidations and Mixed Quality Liquidations from N*RDSTR*M.  Some lots we are listing today include N*RDSTR*M Samples or N*RDSTR*M "Rent the Runway": 

What Liquidations Means:

  • Sometimes the piece has a clearance sticker
  • Sometimes a removable Liquidation sticker is applied
  • Sometimes the piece is missing the paper store tag
  • Sometimes the piece was part of a set and some, or the rest, of the set is missing.  The remaining piece(s) are still sellable.
  • Sometimes the piece was supposed to include a bonus item, such as a belt, and the belt is missing
  • Occasionally a piece has a stain which is usually dust / dirt from being tried on in the fitting room but on rare occasion the stain could be makeup or food. These stains are usually easily removable without the need for a washing machine. 
  • Sometimes the piece looks worn or may actually be worn.  We try to remove pieces with major signs of wear but it is not possible for us to catch 100%.
  • Sometimes the liquidation is applied with a staple to the garment.  Simply taking your time and slowly sliding the staple out then stretching the material gently with your fingers is the solution.  Obviously if you carelessly rip the staple out you are going to damage the garment. 
  • On very rare occasion there is a rip along a seam or under an armpit that we didn't see.  Again, these are usually very simple repairs with basic sewing knowledge. We try to remove all major damage that we see. 
  • It is not possible for us to catch every imperfection.  We sort over 10,000 items a week so we do not have time to analyze each piece.  You should expect there could be imperfections we did not see.

What Mixed Quality Liquidations Means:

  • Mixed Quality Liquidations are the same as standard Liquidations listed above, however Mixed Quality liquidations have a larger amount of imperfections than reqular liquidations. Most of the time an imperfection can be fixed in some way, such as laundering or adding a couple stitches.  Other times the imperfection is more difficult and may require an alteration.  On occassion the imperfection is not fixable and the item needs to be resold as "As-Is" or upcycles / repurposed into a different item or sold for the material.
  • Sometimes a piece has a stain which is usually dust / dirt from being touched by customers.   Because these are Mixed Quality you should expect some imperfections. You should expect to invest time into polishing, laundering, sewing, etc.
  • Sometimes the piece looks worn or may actually be worn. 
  • It is possible we may not catch a security sensor / ink tag. It can be VERY difficult to locate all sensors on dresses, especially when they have thick / layered material.  If we miss a sensor you can remove them by simply purchasing this magnet for $13.99 off Amazon. Even if we do remove 100% of the sensors from your order, we still encourage you to purchase the $13.99 magnet if you plan to consistently purchase N*RDSTR*M merchandise.  It's a great investment to have on hand because items like Coats, Purses, Sunglasses, real leather goods, genuine silk, (everything high end and premium) all have sensors attached.  As mentioned, we do try to find and remove them but we cannot guarantee we will locate 100%.  Some items have 2 or more sensors on them so even though we think we removed all sensors, theres actually another sensor hiding somewhere else.

 What "Rent The Runway" Liquidations Means:

  • RENT THE RUNWAY PIECES HAVE BEEN RENTED OUT (loaned / borrowed), BY NORDSTROM, TO RENT THE RUNWAY MEMBERS.  This means that these specific pieces have been WORN, WASHED, USED.  RENT THE RUNWAY pieces are sold AS-IS.  You should expect them to show signs of wear because ALL Rent the Runway pieces have been rented, worn, dry-cleaned, etc. 
  • RENT THE RUNWAY pieces can have a special sticker applied to the interior manufactures tag on the inside of the garment that has the RENT THE RUNWAY item number on it.  The sticker prevents buyers from getting a RENT THE RUNWAY item then dishonestly "swapping" it with a lower-end item. You will not be able to remove this sticker. The sticker on the tag does not impact the look or ability to wear the item. 
  • Sometimes RENT THE RUNWAY pieces have a number, written in Sharpie Marker on the interior manufacturers tag.  This is because every RENT THE RUNWAY piece was assigned a specific number so N*RDSTR*M could keep track of them.   The handwritten number is the same thing as the "special sticker" mentioned above.  So, the RENT THE RUNWAY piece will either have the "special sticker" OR the Sharpie number, but not both. 
  • The piece is ALWAYS missing the original paper store tag(s) and 99% of the time it has a different style of N*RDSTR*M tag applied.  This is because N*RDSTR*M sometimes sells the RENT THE RUNWAY pieces in their stores.  Because these are RENT THE RUNWAY they are Final Sale and cannot be returned to N*RDSTR*M, so they apply a special type of paper store tag. 
  • Sometimes the piece was supposed to include a bonus item, such as a belt, and the belt is missing
  • You absolutely should expect that RENT THE RUNWAY pieces will be a gently used quality but may show signs of wear or washing.  We have not noticed any RENT THE RUNWAY pieces that are in poor condition or unacceptable quality, however we do not have the time or manpower to thoroughly examine used items and also remove hangers, sensors, weed out severe damage and keep the price super low.  If we spent a ton of time looking over every item we would have to double the price, and we prefer to leave you with maximum profit, even if this means a couple pieces might have imperfections we did not catch.
  • If you hate selling gently used items or if you hate dealing with some imperfections, please do not purchase this Lot.  However, if you don't mind lightly worn merch and a few imperfections don't bother you, this listing is one heck of a great deal with mega profit potential.