22pc ANTHONY Aromatica RITUALS Body & Skin Care #26455Y (Q-3-2)

LOT #:

  • 22 Pieces
  • Four of the pieces are past expiration - THEY ARE FREE.  You are paying $7.99 x 18 pieces = 143.82 
  • These are Shelf Pulls and Liquidations from M*CYS or BL**MINGDALES. 

Reasons for shelf pulls include:

  • Last one on shelf 
  • Store Needs to Restock - stores liquidate their stock every couple week / month so they can always bring in fresh stock.
  • customer in store opened it
  • customer may have even tested / used it then put it back on the shelf
  • packaging dirty
  • customer stole a piece out of a set
  • item has been discontinued or was limited edition
  • sometimes the color or scent is seasonal or packaging style is seasonal.
  • it was a piece from a set and the rest of the set is missing
  • Past Expiration - MOST makeup does not have EXP Dates printed on it but foundations often do.  EXP dates are only for items that contain active ingredients (for example, if the foundation has "pore minimizer or collagen booster type-stuff in it), therefore most other cosmetics do not need dates on them because makeup is usually good for X-amount of time AFTER it has been opened, which has nothing to do with an actual exp date.  However it is possible items other than foundations could have a date and it's possible that date could be past exp.  
  • someone in the store stuck their finger in it
  • Packaging missing
  • Packaging damaged / ripped / dented / scratched / scuffed, etc
  • Other imperfections; missing lid, torn off security seal... anything else you can think of.