20+pc Makeup PERRICONE Mercier SEKKISEI Missha BB StylePro & More #19367B (M-1-6)

LOT #:

  • Over 20 Individual Items
  • Some are multi-piece sets, so you are getting over 30 individual pieces
  • + 1 Free black thing that may or may not go to the makeup remover sets.  The remote appears to be missing the back battery plate.  You are not being charged for this item
  • Sizes: Assorted
  • EXPIRATION DATE INFORMATION:  The FDA does not require cosmetics to have expiration dates printed on the packaging, so manufacturers rarely put any kind of date.  The only time makeup is required to have an exp date is if it contains "active ingredients", such as a "Collagen Boosting Foundation" or a "Teeth Whitening Gel". 
  • These are Mixed Quality Liquidations from Costco
  • Condition to expect:
  • Some items have been on the Costco Sales-Floor so they have been handled / touched by customers
  • Some packaging will likely be imperfect (ripped, bent, torn, etc)
  • Some products may be missing packaging
  • Sometimes people in the store open the product and touch it / sample it / try it
  • You should expect some pieces to need some form of repair
  • It is possible some items may not be able to be repaired