16pr *ONLY CLARKS & AEROSOLES* Womens Shoes #18788G ()

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  • 16 Pairs
  • ****Shipping is free inside the USA, however MOST of the shoe boxes in this Lot are 100% destroyed - the shoes inside are beautiful, but the boxes are terrible. So you will receive free shipping on the SHOES ONLY.  We will NOT be shipping you the boxes because they are not in acceptable condition for you to resell to your buyers.  Usually when we do shoe listings we offer for you to pay extra for shipping to get the boxes, but these specific boxes are so dented, ripped, written on and taped-up that we do not want you to spend a dime extra for shipping on them because it would be a waste of YOUR money. Your buyer would be very unhappy to buy a nice pair of designer shoes and have them shipped in such a beat-up-looking raggedy box! It is better for you if we throw them into our commercial dumpster at our warehouse. BUT, if there are any salvageable boxes that don't look terrible, we will give you those for free.  We cannot guarantee you will get any boxes. HOWEVER, if you absolutely want to ship to your buyers inside of a shoe box, you can buy actual brand new shoe boxes on Amazon or ebay.
  • Sizes: Womens
  • These are Liquidations from JC Penny stores
  • Almost all of the shoes are in perfect condition
  • There might be a pair or two that a customer tried on in the store and walked around.  You can easily clean most shoes with a Clorox Brand wipe.  MUST BE CLOROX BRAND.  Other brands leave soap residue or damage!!  If you do not have Clorox brand wipes, use a clean damp cloth.  DO NOT EVER USE A COLORED DISH SOAP!!!  Colored soaps can DYE the material!!
  • It's possible there could be dust or dirt on a pair or two.  Nothing has major damage of any kind
  • NO clearance stickers!