16+pc Sally Hansen Hair Wax Kits + Lightening SHELF PULLS #18377C (O-5-4)

LOT #:

  • 16+ Pieces 
  • Each kit contains multiple interior contents
  • These are Shelf Pulls from Sears / Kmart.  Reasons for shelf pulls include:
  • Last one on shelf 
  • Store Needs to Restock - stores liquidate their stock every couple week / month so they can always bring in fresh stock.
  • customer in store opened it
  • packaging dirty
  • customer stole a piece out of a set
  • item has been discontinued or was limited edition
  • sometimes the color is seasonal or packaging style is seasonal.
  • it was a piece from a set and the rest of the set is missing
  • Past Expiration - Merchandise that is past exp is NOT unsellable.  An expiration date is provided by a manufacturer to let the buyer know when to expect peak "freshness".  Almost ALL products, including toothpaste, bread, noodles, mouthwash, etc are perfectly fine after the exp date.  In fact, toothpaste is good for 2 - 4 YEARS after exp providing it hasn't been opened yet.  If you do not want products that may be past exp, do not buy this Lot.  If you are looking for an insane deal and you don't mind the exp, then this is a super rare opportunity! 
  • Packaging missing
  • Packaging damaged / ripped / dented / scratched
  • Other imperfections

What you should expect some pieces to be imperfect.  OTHER WHOLESALE COMPANIES DO NOT "SORT" THEIR SHELF PULLS.  This means, when you buy through OTHER companies you will have 50% or more damaged, unsellable pieces!  WE try to remove all major damage we saw, however we do not open or inspect every piece.  You will have some damaged, unsellable items in here, but overall it should be a small quantity. 

Some of the pieces / boxes need to be wiped down because when it is shipped to us there is a LOT of breakage.  We remove broken pieces but we do not wipe down packaging. SIMPLY USE CLOROX WIPES!  ***ONLY*** USE CLOROX WIPES!  Clorox brand does NOT ruin the packaging, does NOT leave soap residue and removes dirt and dust with ease.  Other brands do NOT work as well.  Some brands don't work at all or turn into a soapy, stained nightmare. MUST BE COLOROX!!  Amazon has SIX full size containers (75pc each) for $27: