12pc Mens Jackets JUNK FOOD Timberland ALFANI Club Room #29239Y (b-9-3)

LOT #:

  • 12 Pieces
  • Sizes: Mens, Assorted

LIQUIDATION Condition to Expect:

  • Sometimes the piece has a clearance sticker
  • Sometimes a removable Liquidation sticker is applied
  • Sometimes the piece is missing the paper store tag
  • Sometimes the piece was part of a set and some, or the rest, of the set is missing.  The remaining piece(s) are still sellable.
  • Occasionally a piece has a stain which is usually dust / dirt from being tried on in the fitting room but could also be makeup or deodorant from a customer trying it on.  These stains are usually easily removable without the need for a washing machine. 
  • Occasionally a piece could have damage, but overall, real damage is relatively rare with M*CYS Liquidations