11pc SEVEN SISTERS Tops *Duplicates #15028G (L-1-3)

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  • 11 Pieces 
  • These are Liquidations from M*cys
  • With Liquidations you should expect:
  1. Often the paper tag will have a clearance sticker. 
  2. Sometimes the paper tag is missing 
  3. Sometimes packaging or tag is imperfect
  4. Sometimes a Liquidation sticker is applied.  The sticker can be peeled off, usually pretty easy.  The sticker generally doesn't leave residue but if it does you can easily remove it with a Clorox brand wipe.  Must use Clorox brand!  Other brands damage the tag and leave soap residue.
  5. Sometimes a piece appears used or may even be used.  We try to remove pieces with extreme signs of wear but it is not possible for us to catch 100%. 
  6. Sometimes the piece was part of a set and the rest of the set is missing but the remaining piece is perfectly sellable,
  7. Sometimes the item is a set and the set is missing 1 or more pieces but the remaining pieces are perfectly sellable. 
  8. Sometimes pieces have makeup, dust or deodorant or similar on it from being tried on or dropped on the floor.  Makeup and deodorant can be removed without washing. If you're not sure how to remove it, simply look at the interior tag that says the material of the garment and Google search "How to remove lipstick (or whatever it is) from cotton (or whatever material) without washing"
  9. If the item is a Liquidation Sometimes the pieces needs mending
  10. We try to weed out major damage but it is not always possible to catch 100%.