11pc Big Store PLUS SIZE 2X Sejour & More 2X #24830c ( O-5-1)

LOT #:

  • 11 Pieces 
  • Sizes: PLUS SIZE, Most 2X
  • ******Some brands in this Lot may require "De-labeling".  View the list of brands that MUST be de-labeled. If any of the items on the De-Labeling List are in this Lot you MUST de-label them.  If you are caught soliciting merchandise that has not been de-labeled you will face legal repercussions by brand holder. This is really serious stuff!  De-Labeling these specific products is very simple and means you will be able to continue buying and selling these big brands.  Read our De-Labeling Guide here.****  
  • YOU MUST CHECK THE BOX TO AGREE TO DE-LABEL OR YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO BUY THIS LISTING.  You ONLY have to De-Label the brands on this listIf none of the brands on this list are in your Lot then you have nothing to De-Label.
  • These are SAMPLE LIQUIDATIONS from N*RDSTR*M.  What this means:
  • This listing is a little bit different than our usual N*RDSTR*M liquidation because this listing contains SAMPLE pieces.  A N*RDSTR*M “sample” is different from what you think when you hear the word “sample”.  What this actually is, is pieces the N*RDSTR*M used for ordering purposes, web listing (photography, descriptions, etc) and inspection.  Basically, the manufacturer ships N*RDSTR*M these pieces so they can see them, inspect them, order them and list them.  What’s really cool about sample pieces is that they have never been in a N*RDSTR*M store, so they do not have clearance stickers and, for the most part, they are completely damage free.  Because they have not been in a store, there are no ink tags / sensors applied.  You can see more by watching the video above.
  • Sample items usually do not have paper store tags because they have not went into production yet.  Instead they have a large Sample Tag that contains all of the product details
  • Sometimes Samples Pieces have a black line through the manufacturers tag on the inside of the garment
  • It is possible there could also be a couple traditional liquidations in this Lot  (pieces that have been in stores)