**COVID-19 / Corona Virus DAILY UPDATE**

**COVID-19 / Corona Virus DAILY UPDATE**

7.6.20 A lot of states are under lockdown again (or never actually opened since March 2020), therefore transit continues to be slower than usual overall.  The good news is that some parcels are starting to arrive in 4 - 5 days, but for the most part we are still seeing slower-than-normal transit. Please plan ahead and expect slower delivery times due to CoronaVirus.  

6.29.20 After 1 week of our Michigan economy starting to open, our governor has closed it again due to COVID-19.  We will continue to get your parcels shipped fast but please expect transit to continue to be slower than usual until the economy has officially reopened.   

6.19.20 Well... after 1 week of us believing that lockdown was ending, today our awful governor just extended our COVID-19 / CoronaVirus State of Emergency for an entire additional MONTH.  The new potential lockdown end is now July 16th!  So, although we *thought* transit would start becoming faster for our buyers, it likely will not.  Even though WE ship same day (M-F if ordered before 12pm EST), USPS (and all other carriers) will continue to have slow transit due to our governors "social distancing" and "limited staff" requirements for Michigan businesses.  We are truly sorry that our buyers have to suffer through slow transit due to the Executive Order our state is imposing on all Michigan businesses, which includes mail carriers. We will continue to get your orders out fast, but we must ask for even more of your patience and understanding that transit time will be slow. The only thing we can do is tell you we want your merchandise to arrive as quick as possible, but same-day-shipping is as fast as we can go; the rest is on the actual carrier. 

6.14.20 Most states are slowly starting to end lockdown, so shipping is starting to get a little better in terms of transit times. We are still seeing some parcels take a long time to arrive however MOST of what we shipped last week is moving quicker.  Hopefully in July things will be back to normal!  

5.21 - 5.25.20 - Parcels are still taking much longer than normal to arrive.  Michigan is still under 100% Lockdown, in fact, our Gov just extended our lockdown into mid-June!!  MOST Parcels shipped May 4th - 15th have arrived at their destinations or are currently in the state they need to be in for Delivery.  We still have a handful of parcels that have issues that we have launched Missing Mail Searches on. 

All parcels shipped May 16th - 25th (today) are still in transit.  

All parcels are still leaving our post office (Romulus Michigan) then sitting in Detroit Michigan USPS Sorting Facility for 8-15 DAYS, average. We have had many people ask why we don't just "use a different post office".  The answer is because:

We do not "use" Detroit USPS Sorting Facility.  This is our main Hub in the State of Michigan.  Meaning, even if we drove to a different city to drop off parcels, they would still be routed to Detroit. The only way we could possibly avoid Detroit would be to drive to a different state (Ohio), which isn't realistic for us because we ship a large quantity of parcels daily so it would require renting a small U-Haul, daily. 

The issue isn't "USPS is bad".  Our governor here in Michigan has created Executive Orders that do not allow businesses to operate with the staff they need to operate.  So if USPS Detroit needs 100 employees to run smoothly, and they are only allowed to have 15 employees, stuff is going to sit. There is nothing USPS can do because this is our insane governors orders.  

Some people have asked why we don't switch to UPS or FedEx.  The reason is because we are able to offer "Free Shipping" through USPS due to the discount we get because we ship large volumes.  Additionally, UPS and FedEx have had just as many issues as USPS, so it would not actually resolve anything. 

We totally understand your frustrations with slow transit.  We are even more frustrated than you because we have done nothing wrong and we do not want to lose a good buyer over USPS transit being slow due to COVID-19.  We greatly thank you for your ongoing understanding during this crazy time!

5.15.20 - 5.20.20 Parcels are still taking much longer than normal to arrive.  Michigan is still under 100% Lockdown and it does not seem that our Governor has any plans of allowing us to get back to normal (which is making us livid), so, parcels are taking an average of 5-8 days to leave Michigan. 

Even FedEx and UPS are running way behind.  Want to hear something ironic?  I ordered a power generator on May 3rd.  It shipped through UPS.  Estimated Delivery was May 8th.  Today is the 22nd and our power went out, so I rushed to check the Tracking Number and this is the current status:


Good news is that today some other states, such as TX, will begin reopening their economies, so that will be good for everyone and everything, including transit times for parcels traveling through these states. 

Please continue to plan ahead and expect slower transit and delayed delivery until the USA has been fully opened.  We always want parcels to arrive ASAP to all of our buyers however the fastest we can operate is Same-Day-Shipping, but we have no control over the actual transit and delivery.  We genuinely apologize for the frustration the slower transit has caused and truly look forward to things getting back to the "regular-normal", not the "new-normal".  

5.8.20 - 5.14.20 - I wanted to point out that it isn't just having these slow transit issues.  Here's 21 other companies/ reports of major shipping complications due to COVID-19;

  1. Amazon Prime Delivery Taking up to 1 MONTH (

  2. Champs Sports - 15 Days Average Transit, therefore "Return Time" changed to 30 Days. 

  3. Michigan Newspaper: COVID-19 Causing Extreme USPS Mail Delay

  4. MacPro: Lengthy Delivery Due to CoronaVirus

  5. Delivery can take 15 Days Due to COVID-19

  6. H&M Clothing Store - Stopped Offering Priority Mail Shipping because it WON'T ARRIVE ON TIME.  The ONLY shipping option they now offer is "9 - 14 Days AVERAGE"

  7. - Global Pandemic Greatly Slows Shipping and goods getting stranded

  8. FORUM - Buyers complaining of super long transit times (15-30 days!)

  9. Michigan's USPS Crushed in Michigan by COVID-19

  10. - Colorado (State) experiences extreme transit delays 

  11. Not only is transit super slow, but if you call you will get a busy signal

  12. - FedEx and UPS warn customers that CoronaVirus is causing shipping delays in most locations 

  13. Long Wait Times for Processing, Shipping and Transit.  It's so bad that they are outsourcing to different countries! 

  14. - Freight deliveries all delayed due to CoronaVirus, including vital supplied needed

  15. TempurPedic (Mattress Company)  - Greatly Delayed Delivery Times 

  16. - Slow Shipping & Can't Take Your Call Due to "High Call Volume"

  17. - Only Operating with 1 or 2 employees due to government regulations in addition to "longer than usual transit times"

  18. is actually canceling some orders due to COVID-19 transit times

  19. Gerber (yes, the baby-stuff company) - After "processing", delivery is 3-10 days average = 15+ days 

  20. Customer Service Page: Please Expect Lengthy Delivery Times Due to COVID-19

  21. Nordstrom - Super Slow Shipping due to COVID-19

As you can see, parcels are still moving very slow as a whole.  This is not an isolated issue that only is facing.  Here in Michigan, Detroit USPS has started routing parcels to other Hubs for processing, which is helping a little bit.  Hopefully in the next week they will get their giant pile of parcels all redirected so they can start moving.  This issue due to COVID-19 isn't just impacting the speed of your order being delivered, but it is causing Nation-Wide chaos.  Our poly mailers that we ordered April 15th have been stuck in Detroit since April 29th.  Today is the 8th and they still haven't moved:


MAJOR, MAJOR UPDATE (5.8.20)!!!!! USPS Indiana and USPS New York REALLY HELPED US!!!  They both came last night and began taking truckloads of piled-up parcels from the Detroit, Michigan Hub!  Now, 90% of our parcels shipped April 23rd - 28th have scans because they arrived in Indiana or New York.  Indiana and NY will process these parcels and get them in transit, finally!  HOORAY!!! We still have about 10 parcels that we shipped on the 19th - 21st that have not been processed yet.  I truly hope USPS Indiana and USPS NY come back to Michigan and take more loads for processing!! If your parcel shipped on the 24th, please check your tracking because it is likely scanned now! 

ANOTHER MAJOR, MAJOR UPDATE (5.12.20)!!!!!  USPS Illinois is ALSO now helping USPS Detroit!  HOORAY!!!!! Last night USPS Illinois came to Detroit and took several GIANT loads of parcels back to their facility for processing so HALF of our parcels shipped on 5.4.20 are now in Illinois and will be making their way to our buyers:


SOME of the parcels shipped 5.5.20 are part of the same batch Illinois took with them.  We are SOOOO HAPPY!!  As you can see from looking at the tracking information above, this parcel sat in Detroit from March 4th until March 11th with "no scans".  It's first actual scan was when USPS Illinois scanned it in.  So PLEASE DO NOT PANIC.  We absolutely PROMISE you that we have shipped it.  We would NEVER give you a tracking number then not put it in transit.  Here's a graphic we made to show you what a Tracking Number that "hasn't been shipped" looks like compared to a Tracking Number that IS at USPS but hasn't been scanned again by USPS looks like:


If you look at the above image, the BLUE square is around a Tracking Number that has no data because USPS does not have the item.  The YELLOW box is around a Tracking Number that USPS does have but they have not scanned it again, yet. If you look at the peach-color underline inside of the yellow box, it says "Your shipment WAS RECEIVED at 2:41pm on May 6th in Romulus Michigan".  This means that at 2:41pm on May 6th, our warehouse staff delivered this specific parcel to USPS located in Romulus, Michigan.  I hope this helps relieve some of your stress!

Also today, we launched Missing Mail searches on all the parcels that have not yet left Detroit:


So, HOPEFULLY, Detroit can have another USPS come to help get these all moving for us! We will continue to provide you ongoing updates about slower transit due to COVID-19 right here, so be sure to check back!

ANOTHER HUGE UPDATE!! 5.14.20- USPS Illinois came last night and got another giant load from USPS Detroit!!  So almost ALL of our parcels from May 4th - 6th are now in Illinois for processing!!!:


I would absolutely love to be able to personally contact USPS Palatine Illinois and thank them from the bottom of my heart!  The amount of parcels they have taken from Detroit and processed must be so overwhelming for them, but without their help, I don't know what our company would do!  It did take 10 days for the parcels to start moving but they are indeed moving!  If your parcel was shipped on the 6th, it is still sitting in Detroit but it *should* be taken by USPS Illinois, New York, Indiana or one of the other locations that have stepped in to help us very, very soon!  THANK YOU SO MUCH USPS!!!!!